Garbage Disposers

Did you know that some of the most popular disposers on the market are not all that great in the performance department? Not only that, but they don’t last long enough either (in my opinion). That’s why John The Plumber is extremely picky about the brand and model of the disposers we install, despite what the herds in this trade continue to believe.

A good disposer is strong, strong enough to break up chicken bones like they were potatoes. A good disposer is quiet, and doesn’t rattle the whole sink and adjacent fixtures like a cement mixer. A good disposer will last, at least more than two or three years without breaking down or leaking. And lastly, a good disposer won’t jam up half the time, requiring you to take out the silly little wrench provided with inferior units to attempt un-jamming it.

If you need a disposer, let John The Plumber install a quality, bone-breaking workhorse on your sink. It won’t break the bank, and it comes with an iron-clad 5 year warranty.